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lindaeidsness's picture

Jordan, I hope and pray you will be blessed for year's to come. That many from all generation's will be touched by your singing. That through the years your faith will be even stronger .you are a role model for so many. You really need a movie made of how and what you experienced to become an overcomer.  We all face thoese doors that we have to overcome. You really do sing as an Angel .I really enjoyed watching your You Tubes .  you are so honest  and open. I admire you. Thank you for all the heart felt work you do.

Michelle_Sinclair1's picture

Dear Jordan - Our family has been enjoying your remarkable talent. We discovered you via a random web search re: music from the Rio Olympics (we were there) and enjoyed your version of the song "I Lived"! We are looking forward to seeing you live in Abbotsford, BC in November. Best wishes for a successful tour.