Jordan Smith Performs 'O Holy Night' on The Voice

Watch Jordan's performance of 'O Holy Night' off his holiday album "'Tis The Season"! 




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Shannon's picture

My 10 year old daughter is in love with your voice.  She started singing with your cd's and I am blown away how good she is.  What I would like to know is there any way we can get I guess what you would call a Karoke version of the music you used for O Holy Night.  She wants to sing it at her church and school around Christmas.  I have searched however have not been able to find the music you used.  This would mean the world to her.  You are her idol and hero.

Megan_Zirkle's picture

My favorite Christmas hymn ever and you sang it absolutely perfectly. Thank you. Love you, your testimony and your voice... I'm so glad God has given you this success... Be blessed!!