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my name is emily minnis, when Jordan sang chandelier on the voice, my grandma showed me the video. I had no interest in singing before that, but when i saw jordan sing I went home and automatically sang my heart out, and I have never stopped. I was on a local tv show, I won my school talent show, and a great voice teacher picked me to work with and I have jordan to thank for that. His song stand in the light has gotten me through many panic attacks with anxiety disorder, and the song inspired me to make a youtube channel named sparklysongbird. thank you jordan, I love you

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Jordan Smith has a voice unlike anything I have heard since the Immortal ROY Orbison who is one of my favorites . I have your voice cd and your new cd . Stand in the light is  a great song! I look forward to seeing you in person at Foxwoods !

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Hearing Jordan sing with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith in Baltimore was amazing! He needs to record "All is Well" on his next Christmas album. His voice was absolutely gorgeous on that song! 

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My husband and I knew he would win on The Voice the first time he sang. I have all his cd's that are out now and am going to record his Christmas show tomorrow night to watch with my whole family next week. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JORDAN and I'll keep buying your cd's. I am going to buy another of the cd of your original Voice songs and not open it. It will definitely be worth a fortune some day if not already.

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I heard Jordan sing in Duluth, GA.  'O Holy Night' was stunning perfection.  Annunciating 'dih-vin' (rather than the oft-heard 'dee-vin') made my heart soar.  Thank you!