Talk about the new song "Stand In The Light"

Here's the new song, take a listen.



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munchow12's picture

My names Katie, I have always been a big fan of you and the voice.... I love your voice, it has a certain type of texture you don't hear often. I heard your song, and automatically subjected it for my sisters dance solo, she loved it and felt the meaning in it and is dancing to it as I type. I can't wait for your next album.

sparklysongbird's picture

my name is emily minnis, when Jordan sang chandelier on the voice, my grandma showed me the video. I had no interest in singing before that, but when i saw jordan sing I went home and automatically sang my heart out, and I have never stopped. I was on a local tv show, I won my school talent show, and a great voice teacher picked me to work with and I have jordan to thank for that. His song stand in the light has gotten me through many panic attacks with anxiety disorder, and the song inspired me to make a youtube channel named sparklysongbird. thank you jordan, I love you

mb's picture

I love all of Jordan's music.  I would love to see a single version of his solo Ava Maria.  Love the Grinch.  I thought a version of Jingle bells with his 3 other guys from college would have been a cool addition to his Christmas album.

Gus's picture

I love how this song strikes me. It reminds me of all the things that has happened in my life and how I overcame struggles. Thank you Jordan for being such an inspiration and you bring everyone the motivation they need.

so2cnuB4's picture

Stand in the Light is embedded in my brain. I can't stop singing it or watching the video. It is an inspiration to many. I believe everything happens for a reason. Never had seen the Voice before till season 9. I didn't know who the coaches would be. But about  this time last year, for some reason, I started listening to songs on YouTube by four artists. When I realized they would be the coaches on The Voice I said there's a reason why I should watch the show. JORDAN! I'm so thankful I was led to you.